Friday, August 7, 2009

Down in Love and Up in Relationships

Over the course of the years, love has become a thing of the past, since nowadays people join in love while participating in ungodly acts. Love today is based on sex, rather than commitment. Few people are still searching for true love, only after they have slept with countless of people throughout their life, all to find that love never existed.

At what time a person is down on love they often search for relationships, scamming through the list to find that perfect mate. Nowadays, people are joining Love Connections, and other dating systems to find that true love. Few base their idea of true love on the compatible system provided by the services, yet fail to realize that a machine is determining the compatibility level. Thus, at what time the relationship starts the two join in phone conversation and email each other. Sometimes the relationship works, but as the communication continues between the two, one or the other decides this is not for me, especially when another listing comes on the site and the face is much prettier.

Few people join the Chat Rooms searching for love. Some people give up hope when they speak to thousands of people worldwide and never hear what they were waiting to hear. The goal in the chat rooms for the most part is to have sexual communication without meeting the person. Few people have literally met in person all to find them self in a chaotic situation, or else dangerous situation. To give you some insight on love and relationships abroad the Internet, I will narrate a couple of accounts.

One relationship over the Internet started out with coy communication. The couple chatted abroad the Internet for some time, until they reached the point of phone conversations. From here, the two communicated frequently over the phone and Internet lines; until the day came, they decided it was time to meet. The two met, and later married and after one year of the relationship, the woman filed for a divorce. Now the woman had children and was a professional in mental health, yet she failed to see the dangers abroad the Internet. It turned out the man was abusive and neglectful, thus filled her life at the moment of pain and despair.

Another incident of love and relationship over the Internet started when two people began chatting in the Group Chat Rooms. The two decided to talk over the phone and the man lead the woman to believe that he had the best of intentions while searching for love. He narrated the past relationships, briefing her, letting her know that he was hurt from the experiences. The woman wise, stood back, since she knew that stories have two-sides. She talked for months on the phone with the man and later decided to meet with him on her grounds. The two meet, and after one night of communication, relating, and sleep the woman become suspicious when the man began showing controlling behaviors. Thus, the woman sent him packing the next day and blocked him from calling, Aiming or emailing her. The man was blocked of all connections and the woman moved forward with cautious, still waiting for that special someone to love her.

The woman in the last illustration was intelligent to a large degree, since she recognized symptoms the man showed that would lead to abuse. Immediately the woman got rid of a problem that could have escalated to a broken heart and shattered world.

Scores of people abroad the Internet search for love and often the people make mistakes that lead them down on love and up on relationships. In other words, the person will view love as a sexual mechanism and forget its true meaning since hurt controls their mind from the bad relationships of the past. The people will search out the world for relationships searching for sexual gratification.

If you are down on love and up on relationships, then you know that the world is filled with hate, selfishness, inconsideration and the list continues, and rarely is true love available. Therefore, think long and hard before you join in love and relationship.

Controlling Love in Relationships

Why do people stay with mates that control and dominate them, thus taking a large measure of their freedom in relationships? The obvious answer is that the person lacks self-esteem and confidence and may feel that he or she cannot find love elsewhere. Children often link mates together even if one of the partners is controlling and dominating the other.

Are men mostly domineering and controlling? No. women can be domineering and controlling as well, and I have analyzed two case scenarios were the women in the relationship had full control. One case scenario a woman coming from a background of abuse met her soul mate through friends. The two joined and together they had six children combined. The woman who penalized them with threats if they failed to adhere to her demands controlled all the children and mate.

Although the relationship the man was not permitted to look at women at first, nor was, he allowed watching television programs at leisure. Sure, men in relationships, or else good men will not have wondering eyes, or else engage in activities that cause others harm, such as pornographic materials. Still, he had no room to show her that he had only the best intentions for their relationship. Later throughout the relationship, she showed leniency, but still the woman controlled the home.

Some women are passive yet still control in different methods. While the first woman enforced threats to control the home, another woman used mechanisms of human nature to control her relationships. She was a skilled manipulator and controller, whereas she under minded the men she had relationships. The woman was adulterous, manipulator and an outstanding liar if one was not smart to her tricks. Through lies and manipulation, the woman controlled the men she had relationships with, and when the men would not adhere to her demands she would throw temper tantrums, or else become violent.

The woman was a lousy mother, since she showed no regard to her children and used them to control the men she engaged in relationships with. Throughout her history, she had trials of promiscuous behaviors, violent behaviors, and a history of deceit.

While this is a couple of case scenarios of controlling and dominating relationships, men from afar have been in relationships showing controlling and domineering traits far more than women. Not all men are controlling and domineering, but the men that illustrate such behaviors are often violent predatory humans. The men that control or dominate will often use violence, threats, manipulation, lies, and other hasty mechanisms to control the mate. Often these types are unfaithful, and will make up all types of excuses for their unnatural behaviors.

Therefore, when joining in a relationship it is wise to know what you are getting into before you make commitments. Some relationships start out with one partner controlling the other through manipulation and the mate fails to see the signs and realizes what happens when a trail of harm starts and finishes in deeper conditions. Thus, the mate may start out telling the partner what she or he wants to hear to lower the person into the web of control, deceit, and domination. Other times the mate may act as though they are not interested in the mate, especially if the mate is attracted to the person.

Heed warning, since controlling and dominating relationships leave a string of victims throughout the term of the relationship, and sometimes the victim is unable to leave the relationship since the mate may threaten family members, friends, or else the mate. Other times the mate never gets out, since death was the ultimate result of the controlling and dominating relationship.

If a man or woman is controlling you, it is unlikely the person will change. Some people stay in dominating and controlling relationships believing the person will change once the mate shows them love. Other dominating and controlling relationships continue since the partner makes the mate feel like no one else wants them. They often under mind and belittle the partner, until the self-esteem and confidence is zip. If you are in a controlling and dominating relationship, you may want to consider steps of leaving your partner behind.